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This is a very unusual set of 5 pcs round busyboards. They differ per size (3 of a 15 3/4 in (or 40 cm) and 2 have a diameter of 12 in (or 30 cm)). You can still use this panels for outdoors or indoors to decorate your room and entertain a kid. Developing modules, placed on each of a round, helps a child with attentiveness, logic and motor skills, irreplaceable board in a growing up thing.

The round busy panels are something so special for our customers. The round shape is made for better and more convenient placement of panels. And the decor looks modern and more interesting with a busy board like this.

Also, we are open and able to make Busy boards of any size, colors and theme. Choose details and combine them on a wall you want. 

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Color theme Bright colors
Panel's base type Unpainted
Panel's shape and Installation method
Installation method Wall mounting, Portable
Section size 11 3/4" x 11 3/4" (30 х 30 cm)
Wall length up to 3.28ft (up to 1m), 3.28ft - 9.84ft (1m - 3m)
Use for
Intended for Home, Playcafe, Kindergarten, Waiting Room, Pediatric clinic, Pediatric dentistry, Family restaurant
Gender & Age
Age Toddlers (1y - 4y), Child (4y - 8y)

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