Busy board set Day forest story

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Just check out the brightness and loveliness of this cute Busy Board! It is definitely customised which the name of a kid on the top prooves. So the color and the dimention which the base of the panel shows attract kids even better. All the details still develop and help to encrease some skills such as attentiveness, movement coordinatios, logic, fine motor skills etc. 

The printed base panel attracts and entertains kids whenever, whether it is doctor's waiting room, cafe, playroom, kinderragten, office etc.

Also, we are open and able to make boards of any size, colors and theme. Choose details and combine them on a wall you want. 

The Delivery Information is available here.

Color theme Bright colors
Panel's base type Printed
Panel's shape and Installation method
Installation method Wall mounting
Panel's shape Rectangular
Section size 25" x 13 3/4" (65 х 35cm)
Wall length 3.28ft - 9.84ft (1m - 3m)
Use for
Area of use Indoors
Intended for Home, Playcafe, Kindergarten, Waiting Room, Pediatric clinic, Pediatric dentistry, Family restaurant
Gender & Age
Age Toddlers (1y - 4y), Child (4y - 8y)
Gender For Boys, For Girls, Unisex

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