Set of 3 items (colored cube+triangle+ramp)


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Not a happy camper - by , April 1, 2011
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This set consists of a cube, Pikler triangle and a ramp for you to choose. Pikler made principles of educating a kid. She said it is important to let the kid develop itself. The more space you give him the better. So these toys are exactly for this. You can watch your kid playing and climbing arches but do not disturb it. They know their boundaries and will discover them the minute they climb the first ladder.

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Color theme Colored
Panel's shape and Installation method
Installation method Free standing, Portable
Use for
Area of use Indoors
Intended for Home, Playcafe, Kindergarten, Pediatric dentistry
Gender & Age
Age Toddlers (1y - 4y), Child (4y - 8y)
Gender For Boys, For Girls, Unisex

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