Busy Cubes

Travel busy cube for toddler Pastel colors


Travel busy cube for toddler Pastel colors


The special and original Traveling busy cube for infants and toddlers. This cub have entertaining de..

Travel Busy cube for toddlers


Travel Busy cube for toddlers


Kids are learning and growing constantly, once in a while it is hard to keep them entertained during..

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Busy cube is a new and interesting educational toy for kids, which is pretty similar to a busy board. This is a cube made of wood, which has the game panels fixed on its sides. Those panels contain many small elements, so playing with them can help to improve the fine motor skills of child's hands.

What can you find in activity cube?

In our online store you can find wooden busy cubes of different colors and contents made by Montessori approach of education. These toys allow toddlers and infants to get acquainted with different materials, shapes, and colors, and inspire them to play for a long time. Busy board cubes have a more convenient format than busy boards. That is why they are often called a travel activity cubes and can be taken to trips.

Why our busy cubes are special?

When creating our busy cube toys, we take into account the peculiarities of child development. Our best busy cubes for babies are made from safe and eco-friendly materials. All the elements are securely fixed to the panels and you can be sure of the safety of Montessori busy cubes.

If you want to get such a gift for your baby, we will gladly send it to any country in the world. Check our Delivery Information section.


What is the Busy Cube?

This is a small version of a Busy Boards. Mini panels with entertaining and educational parts for kids and toddlers set up in a shape of a cube.

What are these cubes made of?

In BumbleBee Smart store Busy Cubes are made of NON-allergic and ECO-friendly materials, which are totally safe for kids.

What are the advantages of Busy Cubes for babies?

Busy Cubes have perfect size to take them with you while traveling. These are small versions of Sensory Walls. Busy cube toy still has all the needed parts to develop kids' logical thinking and fine motor skills, but also transportable.

What are the features of ordering Busy Cubes at BumbleBee Smart?

We can deliver our products worldwide. Our operators will gladly help you out while you are making orders and trying to fulfill every wish.

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