Climbing cubes

Climbing cubes

Climbing cube


Climbing cube

$120.00 $150.00

The climbing cube is a versatile piece that can complement your Montessori furniture collection.It c..

Climbing cube colored


Climbing cube colored

$160.00 $160.00

The climbing cube is a versatile piece that can complement your Montessori furniture collection. It ..

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A climbing cube will teach your child to distinguish between different geometric shapes. By getting to know the names of these shapes, they will enrich their vocabulary, improve logical reasoning and learn to classify objects. By tactilely exploring the surfaces of the cube by Pikler method, they will develop their gross and fine motor skills, learn to hang, crawl, stand up straight and walk.

How to use a Climbing cube?

You can use a cube as a separate item or as a part of a complex structure together with climbing arches, ramps and triangles. It's light and compact, so you'll be able to easily relocate it from one room to another.

All the pieces of children's furniture from our catalog are 100% safe and environmentally friendly. We can deliver them worldwide.


What are the Climbing Cubes?

These are parts of Climbing Furniture. Kids can use it to climb inside and out of it. Mostly Cubes are used to complement climbing triangles and arches. Using climbing cubes, triangles and arches helps your kid to develop gross motor skills, challenges it's courage and fear.

What are Climbing Cubes made of?

In BumbleBee Smart store Climbing Cubes are made of NON-allergic and ECO-friendly woods and paints, which are totally safe.

What are the advantages of Climbing Cubes?

This method of kids' development was found by Emmi Pikler, hungarian pediatrician, who made up these climbers to develop kids' gross motor skills. BumbleBee Smart, on its turn, has made climbing cubes colorful, to attract kids' attention, and put a modern look on climbers so it's fitting in interiors perfectly.

What are the features of ordering Climbing Cubes at BumbleBee Smart?

We deliver our products worldwide. Our operators will gladly help you out while you are making orders and trying to fulfill every wish by customizing every order according to the clients' will.