Transformable climbers

Transformable Pikler Climber colored


Transformable Pikler Climber colored


A very special foldable, transformable and form changing Pikler Triangle is here to help you enterta..

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A transformable climber will help your kids to develop gross motor skills, movement coordination and spatial imagination. Your son or daughter can start exploring a Pikler triangle as soon as they are half a year old.

A ladder for kids can be used either as a separate item or as a part of a complex structure - a climbing set. It will keep you small ones busy at this DIY structure, happy and entertained!

Transformable climber production

All our produce is 100% safe and environmentally friendly. You can choose between a small or standard climbing triangle, colored or unpainted. If you order an adjustable Pikler triangle in our shop, we can offer you worldwide delivery.


What is the Pikler Transformable climbers?

This is a climbing triangle (ladder) for kids which you can make up in different shapes. This is a trainer made by the educational method of Emmi Pikler. It helps to develop gross motor skills of a child and challenges courage and fear.

What are these climbers made of?

It is made of NON-allergic and ECO-friendly woods and paints, which are totaly safe for kids.

Can I customize my climbing furniture?

Yes, of course! Transformable climbers are produced in 2 colors: Rainbow and Natural(no paint). But you can order a set of Transformable climbers with any other climbing sets and pieces. Also complement your collection with a Busy Board - an educational toy to develop fine motor skills of a toddler.

What are the features of making an order at BumbleBee Smart?

We can deliver our products wordlwide. We are helping out a lot while clients are making their orders and trying to let them be as happy as they desire and deserve.