Educational Benefits of Providing Toys To Children


Kids love to play and you should encourage this. Thanks to toys and games, the little ones explore the surrounding world, develop their physical and intellectual abilities, establish emotional connections with other people and learn to express themselves. So the process of playing does not boil down to simply having fun — it also involves a lot of learning. Toys spark the children's imagination, engage their senses and teach them to interact with the environment.

Educational Baby Toys

Newborn boys and girls love to touch their toys, watch them and listen to the sounds they produce. They get easily fascinated by new concepts and notions:

  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Textures
  • Tastes

Each little discovery converts into a highly meaningful experience for them. Toys for this age group should be first and foremost safe. They should stimulate the baby's senses and trigger their emotions. The best toys are the ones that rattle or make music.

When selecting the color palette, opt for the items with contrasting colors because they help the little ones to develop their vision.

When the kids become a bit older, they will start developing their hand-eye coordination and motor skills with blocks. They will start to understand cause and effect interconnections as well as object permanence. The best thing is that you will not need to verbally explain these complicated philosophical notions to them — the kids will absorb this important information themselves thanks to the toys.

Toys for Toddlers

If compared to babies, toddlers have a wider variety of toys at their disposal. The optimal choice for them is shape sorters: toddlers will learn to match similar items while their parents will tell them the names of the objects to memorize. Lego blocks enable kids to hone their motor skills and learn more about symmetry and colors.

Besides, children of this age group might remain attached to the toys that they used to play with a year ago. There is nothing wrong with it since the same blocks provide a completely new sensory and educational experience for kids whose knowledge has considerably expanded.

Toys for Preschool and School-Aged Kids

When kids are about to go to school, they should master their language skills as well as learn numbers and letters. The choice of educational toys in this segment is remarkably vast: from forward-thinking gadgets to oldschool alphabet puzzles. The more games of this sort you offer to your son or daughter, the more confident they will feel at school.

After kids acquire certain skills in the classroom, they can consolidate them while playing educational games at home. Like this, they will not feel as if they were forced to learn things. Education will turn into an enjoyable and entertaining process for them.

Advantages of Purchasing Educational Toys in Our Shop

In our catalog, you can find educational toys for kids of all age groups. One and the same item can be used in different ways for babies, toddlers and pre-school children:

  • You can use a Pikler triangle to hang toys on it while the baby is still laying in the bed. They would be watching the multicolored objects above their head and touch them with their hands.
  • When the child grows a bit older, they would learn to sit and stand straight, holding on to the crossbars.
  • Finally, they would start to use the triangle as a full-fledged piece of climbing furniture, combining it with other items such as arches, cubes, ramps or ladders.

If you are looking for a sensory wall, in our catalog you will find models of different sizes and themes. You can opt either for a large one that should be attached to the wall or a cube-shaped portable one that will keep your kid entertained during a trip.

All the toys that we offer are made of high-quality materials, such as birch plywood. The water-based paints and varnishes that we use do not provoke allergies. The items attached to a busy board will not come off even if a child pulls hard on them or tries to tear them off. Climbing furniture and toys from our assortment are 100% safe for human health and the environment. We have two daughters ourselves so we perfectly understand the habits and preferences of the little ones and try to cater to them using all our broad parental expertise.


Educational toys are a prerequisite for the child's harmonious development. Kids who have many toys since the first weeks of their life quickly acquire skills and absorb information. They perform better at school, easily establish social connections and effortlessly become familiar with any new environment. Thanks to games, children do not only have fun but also learn eagerly and efficiently. This is why you should encourage them to play and often participate in this process yourself too.

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