How Busy Boards and Sensory Walls help cure and prevent Alzheimer's and Dementia


A busy board for dementia will help elderly people to preserve their cognitive function. It will calm them down and keep them entertained. Elderly men and women will be able to take basic care of themselves independently for a longer time. Their relatives and caregivers can be sure that persons with Alzheimer's and dementia are safe and in a good mood as long as they're playing with the board.

This item is also known as fidget board, dementia comfort board, Alzheimer's busy board or sensory wall for dementia. Before it became widely available, elderly people used to knit or crochet to prevent functional deterioration in their brains. Their kids or grandkids would buy them large gauge needles or hooks and brightly colored yarn. This soothing, repetitive activity allowed patients to hone their fine motor skills, enhance hand-eye coordination and increase muscle strength. Because of cognitive decline, people who used to knit amazing socks and sweaters would hardly be able to create anything more complicated than an oddly shaped scarf. Yet the therapeutic impact of this pastime was unparalleled. Unfortunately, people who lacked knitting skills couldn't benefit from it. Today, a busy board for adults will suit anyone, regardless of their skills and background.

What's the Difference Between Sensory Walls for Kids and Adults?

Sensory panels for children are bright and funny. Their main purpose is to entertain the little ones and develop their imagination.

The palette of a typical busy board for adults is not that playful. Most items that are attached to it have the same size and color as in real life. Decorative elements that have no pragmatic function are scarce or absent. Elderly people need such sensory walls to stay in touch with everyday life. They don't need to learn anything new with the help of the board and they don't need to invent fascinating stories. With age, cognitive processes tend to slow down — but a sensory wall can partly prevent it.

busy boards for dementia

Which Types of Objects Are Attached to a Dementia Sensory Wall?

On a typical busy board for adults, you would find the following objects:

  • Knobs
  • Switches
  • Locks and Latches
  • Wooden or Plastic Gears
  • Flippy Chains
  • Zip Locks, Snaps, Laces, Velcro Closures
  • Squeeze Toys, Stress Balls

The more diverse the sizes and shapes of knobs, the better. To add an extra level of difficulty to the task, consider knobs with privacy locks that the person can turn or push in.

  1. Most boards feature regular wall switches with faceplates. Some might offer metal toggle switches too.
  2. A chain bolt, also known as a sliding bolt or barrel bolt, is an indispensable item. One can slide it in and out of position.
  3. As for the latches, metal buckles or plastic clasps that you can find on an old-fashioned metal lunchbox or a backpack would be optimal.
  4. Gears are lined up so that they can move together if the person turns only one of them. Ideally, each gear should be painted in its own individual color.
  5. A flippy chain is a fidget toy that resembles a bike chain. When the person plays with it, it won't produce any sounds.
  6. The mission of zippers, laces and velcro is rather obvious. Thanks to them, an elderly person won't forget how to take their clothes and shoes on or off.
  7. Stress balls and squeeze toys can be attached to the board with key chains. One needs them purely for entertainment.

The Benefits of Busy Boards for Patients with Alzheimer's and Dementia

Doctors, patients and their closest people value busy boards for the following reasons.

  • They serve as an excellent source of sensory stimulation. The board enables patients with dementia to preserve control over their personal environment.
  • Elderly individuals can use sensory walls without supervision. While they're busy, you won't need to entertain them externally.
  • All the objects are attached to the panel safely and securely. It's close to impossible to tear them off accidentally.
  • Since it's not a sensory panel for kids, adult users can maintain high self-esteem.
  • When traveling, one can easily take the board in a car, plane, boat or train.

Thanks to the board, patients can relax and at the same time concentrate. High-contrast materials of varying textures provide both visual and tactile stimulation. Sensory panels are equally good for curing and preventing Alzheimer's and dementia.

The Advantages of Buying Busy Boards in the BumbleBee Smart Store

This online store specializes predominantly in sensory walls and climbing furniture for kids. But if you wish, you can contact the BumbleBee Smart team and ask them to build a custom busy board for an adult. Professionals who created this brand can boast impressive expertise in their sphere. Customers' reviews about the items that they manufacture and sell have been overwhelmingly positive.

When you order a busy board at BumbleBee Smart, you can be sure that it will be produced of high-quality materials that are entirely safe for human health and the environment. The panel will look very elegant and will easily fit the interior of any style. BumbleBee Smart offer affordable prices and can ship their products to any country.

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