How to decorate walls in waiting rooms, churches and clinics with Busy Boards?


Sensory wall panels are wooden boards with all kinds of buttons, switches, locks, hooks, and other little interesting things that a child is usually forbidden to touch. While playing, children can flip switches, press buttons, open doors, etc.

The best wall decoration - Busy Board

These decorative panels and educational toys are designed to be the best wall decoration for a corridor, the reception area of pediatric clinics, dental clinics, for churches' family rooms, and cafes kid's area or nursery and kindergarten rooms. It is a modern product that combines a design solution and unique informational and educational features.

The panels are made of non-allergic, ECO materials and coated with water-based paints that are safe for children. They are securely fixed to the wall and are suitable for rooms of all sizes.

Thanks to sensory wall panels, kids gain new knowledge and develop:

  • Fine and gross motor skills. Children are learning to control their bodies and make small movements with fingers.
  • Logic and cause-and-effect thinking skills. The kid sees what his actions lead to results and understands what he needs to do to open, for example, the door.
  • Memory. Visual, sound, tactile — the more stimuli, the better the development.
  • Perseverance and concentration. For example, the child's desire to open the door on the lock will force him to concentrate on his movements and get it done no matter how difficult it is.

Sensory wall for churches

Naturally, sensory walls or activity boards are popular wall decor ideas in kindergartens. With the help of panels, teachers can create an atmosphere for the development and education of preschoolers. Thanks to the decor of a sensory wall for a classroom for preschool or kindergarten, teachers can prepare a series of exciting activities that will introduce kids to the world around them, help develop communication skills, and understand the rules of behavior in different situations. Specially themed activity panels, like Forest-themed sensory wall or Candyland, will be great for educating and learning through fairy tales. Children can learn how to button clothes, laces up shoes, use a clock, and switch on/off electrical appliances.

Sensory walls for the decor by BumbleBee Smart

Also, we offer sensory walls for schools that help children learn to count faster, remember the names of the main geometric shapes and colors. Such models are equipped with numbers, shape sorters.

If you are running a family café or want to attract more families to your place, the easiest way is to make an area where kids could spend more time playing and having fun while their parents sit at the tables in the main hall. The main requirements for a children's play area are originality and uniqueness, a bright interior and a safe environment. If you want to get all of this, then install a sensory wall for cafes.

busy boards in clinics

While waiting for an appointment at a pediatric or dental clinic, we often observe battles between irritated mothers and their children. What is the reason for the bad behavior of the child? He is just BORED! Little fidgets are unable to sit still for a long time. From the forced idleness, they begin to twirl and be capricious, infuriating their parents and grandparents. The solution to the problem suggests itself — so that the child does not tire of boredom, it is necessary to keep him busy with something interesting before he begins to be capricious. The sensory wall for all kinds of waiting rooms solves these problems — you can keep the kids occupied buying our activity panels for dental clinics, pediatric clinics, and even sensory wall for family rooms in churches.

Sensory boards for the wall will not only make children busy, but they are also on the best wall decoration ideas list because:

  • The panels hide the flaws of the walls.
  • They improve the psychological microclimate. A poorly thought-out design of a room affects the psychological state of both children and adults. The decorative and developmental sensory boards for the wall solve this problem, creating a pleasant atmosphere.
  • No unnecessary expenses. You do not have to order additional items to organize your kid's area. The sensory wall includes everything you need.

Thanks to unique technologies and the correct selection of elements, sensory wall panels by Bumblebee Smart retain their aesthetic appearance, and all parts remain functional in public places for many years, with maximum daily use by children of different ages.

We manufacture products with all responsibility — only real masters of their craft develop and make our products. You can buy a ready or a customized sensory wall.

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