Mini Busy Panels

Busy Board test panel
Round busy board 5 pcs set - small size


Round busy board 5 pcs set - small size


This is a very unusual set of 5 pcs round busyboards. They differ per size (3 of a 15 3/4 in (or 40 ..

Busy board 3pcs set - small size


Busy board 3pcs set - small size


Mini busy panels designed specially for small wall areas of kindergartens, kids playrooms of cafes e..

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Mini Busy Panel is a set of toys consisting of several Montessori travel busy boards. They are often called travel busy boards, because they are convenient to take on trips due to their small size. You can be sure that your child will not be naughty and bored, if you choose such travel busy board for toddlers.

What can you find in this section?

You will find a variety of travel baby busy boards in the Mini Busy Panels section. Each set consists of small wooden boards, on which game panels, small elements of different shapes and surfaces are fixed. There are sets of 3, 5 and 8 travel busy board for toddler.

Why our travel busy boards are special?

When creating a travel busy board for toddlers, we made sure that it would be convenient and safe to play in a car or airplane. All the elements are made of safe materials and securely fixed on the panels. This is not just a set of beautiful entertaining toys, this is a set for developing fine motor skills, made particularly for small children.

Busy boards for travel is a good alternative to ordinary Busy Boards or Sensory Wall Panels. If you want your child to have good time on trips, take a look at such educational travel size busy boards.


What are the Travel busy boards?

These are very helpful and educational panels when growing a child, but also, due to the small size of these panels, you may take them to the ride or while traveling. Logical tasks, which would definitely entertain your kid for a long time, are made based on the educational method of italian teacher Maria Montessori. The usage is easy and interesting and the main feature is fine motor skills developing. This particular kind of boards are small size. Very transportable and easy to move.

What are these panels made of?

It is made of NON-allergic and ECO-friendly woods and paints, which are totaly safe for kids.

Can I customize my Mini Sensory Wall?

Yes, of course! You may choose panels out of a bunch or variations and make up your own traveling vertion of Busy Board. The developing process will increase and you will always get free time to make other stuff while your kid is definitely entertained.

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