The Montessori Method of Education


The methodology of the Italian teacher Maria Montessori gained popularity in the middle of the twentieth century, and is still one of the most widespread in the modern education system. It is aimed at preparing kids for real life in all its aspects and necessity to work on the individual skills of children. So, let us sort out in more detail what Montessori method of education is.

Why do you need to educate your child using the Montessori method?

Before we figure out what the goals of the Montessori method are, let's answer the question of who Maria Montessori is. Maria Montessori is one of the outstanding educators and thinkers from Italy. She was the first woman who mastered the profession of a doctor in Italy. In her work she had to deal with children with disabilities and began to carry out some pedagogical work, wishing to help those children. That is how she founded her method of education and formulated its main goals, postulates.

The Montessori pedagogy emphasizes and develops the potential abilities of children using specially designed teaching materials and carefully prepared environments. They are aimed at developing the independence of children, as well as their individual characteristics and needs.

This method prepares for life, not school. The Montessori culture is firmly built on independence of thoughts, actions and respect for oneself, other children, teachers, adults and the world around. It is believed that with confidence and respect, children will grow into adults who will achieve great goals.

What are the key elements of the Montessori method?

A special attention in this method is paid to the instinctive development of children's feelings, which help children explore their surroundings. Below we have prepared the basic principles of the Montessori method:

  • An individual approach to each child: the kid himself can choose what to do and determines how much time to spend for every activity.

  • The Educational process should be performed in the form of a game.

  • The motto of this method is: "Help me do it myself." It means that the task of adults is not to do something for his child, but to stimulate the child's own activity.

  • It is necessary to create a special environment, which is called "Montessori-environment". In such an environment, the children are able and willing to show their abilities.

  • You should not accelerate the development of a child, but at the same time, you should not miss the moment when it is necessary to give the child material for learning more about the world around.

  • The main driving force behind pedagogy is interest and curiosity. If you manage to evoke and support them in your child, then the success of your parenting is assured.

Montessori method

Pros and Cons of the Montessori method


  • Children learn the world around them and develop their skills at their individual pace, without undue intervention of adults and external pressure.

  • This method aims to provide children with freedom, and also builds respect for the observance of the personal freedom of others.

  • A child's mental abilities are developed through sensory perception. There is also a constant training of motor skills.

  • Children who are educated according to the Montessori method quickly acquire self-care skills.

  • The technique teaches important rules of social interaction and self-discipline.


  • Children do not make much effort to interact with objects. In the future, such an approach to gaining knowledge can lead a child to the difficulties of overpowering himself and force himself to actively work for achieving a result.

  • Sometimes children, who have been educated according to the Maria Montessori method, cannot quickly get used to the conditions of a regular school discipline.

What to expect from the Montessori method?

Thanks to all the above listed principles and features of the method, children themselves learn about the world around and learn to serve themselves. They become more independent and gain experience from their mistakes, as well as from communicating with the surrounding environment. Any parent wants his child to be organically brought up and prepared for all the peculiarities of everyday life. Therefore, the correct application of the Montessori method will show amazing results and prepare the child for real life.

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