What to decorate playroom wall with?


An ideal kid's room is not just beautiful, spacious, and full of light, but also entertaining. As soon as you enter it, your spirits get lifted, and you feel like playing, frolicking, and having fun. In this article, you'll find useful ideas on wall decorations for playroom that will help you surround your child with joy and happiness. These types of decoration will boost your kid's creativity, develop their intellectual abilities, and provide opportunities for self-expression.

What to decorate your child's room with?

Rule number one: wall decor for playroom should never be dull. It should reflect your child's tastes, hobbies, and character. It should be suitable for kids of different age groups so that your son or daughter won't grow out of his or her room in just one year.

Below, we'll compare busy boards, drawing boards, and stickers. All these types of wall decor playroom are amusing, attention-grabbing, and financially affordable. You can either buy them in a shop or create with your own hands, together with your kid.

Busy Board

A busy board for kids is a board with buttons, fabric cuts, electric switches, zip locks, shoelaces, and many other items attached to it. By touching these elements, toddlers learn to differentiate between shapes and textures. They get to know how to tell hard from soft, hot from cold, wood from wool.

Kids aged two or older learn how to use household objects. Their memory develops, their vocabulary gets richer. They start to classify and categorize elements, improve fine and gross motor skills, and become more susceptible to learning.

Busy boards, also known as sensory board, have the following benefits:

  • They are available in diverse shapes and sizes.
  • You may choose between multifunctional and themed boards. The theme of the board might be, for example, animals or clothes and accessories.
  • There are boards for kids of all ages.
  • Not all boards need to be attached to the wall permanently. If the board is foldable, you can take it off the wall and bring it with you to a beach, a picnic, or elsewhere.

A sensory wall offers interactive entertainment that keeps children busy for a long time. While kids are playing on a busy board, their parents can relax a bit.

ATTENTION: If a child is anxious or frustrated, a sensory game with the board will calm them down quickly.

From the very first days of their lives, kids explore the surrounding world with their senses. They touch, hear, see, smell, and taste objects. They learn how to identify the position of their bodies in space and how to keep balance. Kids get involved in sensory activities intuitively, and a busy board offers them more opportunities to enrich their perception of the universe.

The primary disadvantage of the sensory board is that it might be costly. However, you may always choose between more expensive and more affordable models.


To create a unique play area wall decor, you can place stickers on top of the paint or wallpaper. You can locate them above the kid's bed, next to the desk, or anywhere on the wall where there is enough free space. Stickers are budget-friendly and it will take you just a few minutes to attach them to the wall. The interior of the room will be cozy and eye-catching.

Stickers are available in diverse shapes and colors. Some of them are purely decorative:

  • colorful butterflies
  • a portrait of a princess
  • a silhouette of a castle
  • a character of a popular cartoon.

Others might have an educational purpose: for instance, they can depict a parade of planets so that your kid gets to know their names, order, and sizes. Otherwise, it can be a height meter or a world map.

The main drawback of the stickers is that they are not interactive. The child won't be able to play with them, rearrange them, or take them off the wall. Kids quickly get used to motionless objects and become indifferent to them. Also, to replace the stickers you'll need to redecorate the whole room.

ATTENTION: Sometimes, stickers encourage kids to draw on walls. To avoid this, you'd better buy a drawing board for the playroom.

Drawing Board

You can attach a white plastic board to the wall. The child will use markers to draw pictures and a sponge to erase them.

As an alternative, you can attach a paper roll to the wall. As soon as the picture is finished, the kid will roll the paper down, tear off or cut off the used part, and go on drawing on clean paper. A paper roll is better than a plastic board because the kid can use not just markers but also paint, pens, pencils, chalks, and other tools to draw. To store them, you can attach boxes, shelves, or pockets to the wall next to the roll.

ATTENTION: A drawing board might be used not only for drawing and painting, but also for learning arithmetic and calligraphy, making plans and schedules, or keeping a record of points when playing games.

However, there is one major shortcoming in choosing the drawing board as the wall decoration for playroom. If drawing isn't the biggest life passion of your child, he or she might get bored of it soon. In this case, a blank plastic board or an unused roll of paper will create an undesirable empty space on the wall.

What is better: handmade or bought decor?

Both handmade and bought decor have their strong and weak sides. Let's try to impartially compare them.

Pros of handmade decor:

  • It's budget-friendly
  • You'll have fun working on the decor together with your kid
  • Unused items from your pantry will find a good application
  • You can realize all your creative fantasies

Cons of handmade decor:

  • Your choice of tools and materials might be limited
  • You can't be sure that the decor will be 100% safe and long-lasting
  • The result might be imperfect from the aesthetical viewpoint

Pros of bought decor:

  • It looks stunning
  • The choice is nearly unlimited
  • Decor items created by professionals are safe, enduring, and environmentally friendly
  • The manufacturers know the tastes of their customers and deliver truly amazing products

Cons of bought decor:

  • It might be costly
  • You'll miss the joy of co-creating together with your kid

Hopefully, these wall decor ideas for playroom gave you enough food for thought and inspiration. Please don't decide on your own — ask your child which kind of decor he or she prefers and whether it should be bought or handmade one. In our catalog, you'll find a vast selection of busy boards for kids of all tastes and ages. Feel free to choose the one that fits best your budget and the decor of the kid's room. Judging by the experience of our customers and their children, our sensory boards will make the little ones happy for many months ahead.

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