Sensory Board For Autism: why is sensory play important for autism?


Sensory play is beneficial for all children. But for autistic kids, it is especially meaningful. Many boys and girls diagnosed with autism have difficulties when processing sensual information. They need to learn in a calm and comfortable environment and their parents should analyze which approaches work best for them.

There is no universal strategy that could be applied to all autistic children. However, the sensory board for autism has proved to be very efficient with most kids. In this article, we will analyze how to use this educational toy to achieve the most impressive results.

Sensory Board for Children with Autism Help to Relax and Calm Down

Autistic boys and girls can get stressed easily. To quieten them, the parents can offer them a compact cube-shaped sensory panel. Such toys are lightweight and you can take them on trips with you. The kid should concentrate on this item and forget about the surrounding environment. Normally, a sensory game would calm them down much quicker than any other technique.

Developing Social Skills with Sensory Boards for autism

At first sight, the correlation between sensory play for autism and speech might seem not too obvious. But experiments show that this type of activity noticeably improves language and communication skills. It is enough to play with a busy board for 10 weeks every day to notice the difference. New pathways open inside the brain and multiple nerve connections are built. As a result, children become more involved in social interactions.

sensory board for autism

Children Learn to Cope with Everyday Tasks

This is one of the most evident benefits of sensory play for autism. Without gamification, it might be tricky to teach the kid to button a shirt or open a latch. After the small ones learn to do it on a busy panel, they will be able to repeat it with real everyday objects.

DIY busy boards for autism to help the vocabulary

Autistic girls and boys might struggle to express their thoughts and feelings. Busy boards help them to memorize new words as well as characterize and classify objects. For instance, their parents can point their finger at a butterfly and say "This is a small blue butterfly. And that is a big red butterfly". The child should trace the contours of the insect's wings with their finger. They will remember the difference between sizes and colors.

Sensory Play for autism Stimulates Different Senses

The importance of sensory play for autism is not limited to touching objects. Some children learn better with visual stimuli. They love busy boards because they feature multiple colorful elements. Some of these elements are dynamic: you can move the hands of a clock or make a train ride on rails. Other kids perceive audio information better. They enjoy playing xylophone that is attached to a busy wall. Or they can move gear wheels on a busy board and listen to the sound that they produce. Thanks to the integrated impact, the kids make the most of this educational toy.

The Small Ones Hone Their Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Autistic kids often find it difficult to coordinate their movements. If they do not overcome this obstacle at an early age, it might snowball and it will be much more difficult to get rid of it. Busy boards allow the small ones to hone their fine motor skills. These skills involve movements that people make with their fingers, such as using a fork or writing with a pen. Boys and girls should learn to do it before they go to school. Sensory play is the most entertaining way to acquire such skills.

The Benefits of Buying Sensory Board for Children with Autism at BumbleBee Smart

The BumbleBee Smart online store offers top-notch sensory panels at a reasonable price. We are ready to ship them worldwide. In our catalog, you will find multiple types of Busy Boards: large or small, flat or cube-shaped, with a painted, unpainted or printed base. Kids fall in love with them at first sight.

Some parents might think that they can make a DIY busy board for autism at home. We would not recommend them to do so for at least three reasons.

  • You cannot attach to a sensory wall any random objects that you find in your storage room. You need to fix them properly and make sure that they are safe.
  • We use only such paints and varnishes that do not provoke allergies and are 100% harmless to the environment. Our busy boards are durable and long-lasting.
  • If you lack experience, your DIY sensory panel might look not as stunning as the ones that we sell. We have vast experience and we know the tastes of the little ones very well.

Feel free to get in touch with us to ask any questions! We will be glad to consult you and recommend a superb Busy bard for your kids!

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